There is freedom for recklessness in the mind of the strange, for one only gains self sovereignty. Creation and loving chaos, they seep into sweet embrace.


Age: 32
Gender: Female
Alignment: Undecided
Origins: Sigil, Lady's Ward*
Scent: Rose and Sweet Amber
Voice: Honeyed and Feminine


Height: 5'8" / 172 cm
Build: Womanly, Hourglass
Hair Color: Raven Black
Eye Color: Crimson Red
Complexion: Very Fair
Outfit: Red and Cream Rose Dress
Notable Features: Left side of her face is covered by her hair, one may notice the glean of a ruby infused with blood and arcane magic from beneath.


Despite carrying the immediate grace and elegance of a lady, she holds certain oddity that rivals controlled irrationalism. The woman always seems to be drifting between reality and a dream, finding great pleasure in being her own state of mind. Per contra, should there be interested, or otherwise interesting, parties within her vicinity, casual banter with delightful folk is never denied.Her demeanor is politely whimsical to say the least. Playful bouts come naturally, where amiable souls may fall prey to her wonderment of teasing, testing and prodding. When curiosities are aroused, queries will come plenty for her eagerness knows endless bounds.Yet enthusiasms can instantaneously fall asunder and such acts accentuate her obscure nature. She remains changeable and show traces of untranslatable emotions to the masses.


Hello! Thank you for your interest in Cerastesa and her carrd. This was a little place for me to store her art.My timezone is GMT +8 (Singapore) and playtimes can be quite sporadic. It's best to plan schedules ahead.English is not my first/second language so I do make mistakes and will appreciate your patience and understanding!Respect OOC boundaries. Do not treat a player's friendliness as an opportunity.Art Galore. Art in this carrd have been commissioned by me! Please do not take for your own use. Feel free to inquire about the artist should any piece interest you.